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About Us

Highly Versatile

Brokkr is a highly versatile mining company, offering our customers more flexibility than any other mining company in the industry.

Fast and Simple

The world of cryptocurrencies is complicated enough. Our goal is to make things as easy as possible for our customers.

American Based

All equipment, operations, support, and employees are based in the United States.

What we can offer you

Optimum Performance

We only use the best equipment available on the market to build our mining rigs. Each rig is finely tuned to mine at the highest hash rate possible, which guarantees our customers receive the most from their investments.

Premium Consulting

Our engineers and support staff are highly trained, qualified, and well versed in everything involving cryptocurrency. Each client receives a personal, one-on-one consultation regarding their potential investment and premium support throughout their contract. Our goal is to help each client meet and exceed their expectations.

Customized Flexibility

Customized flexibility regarding our clients’ wants and needs is what sets Brokkr, Inc. apart from the competition. Our customers enjoy mining adaptability not found anywhere else.

Brokkr is the premier cryptocurrency mining company in the state of Georgia.

We offer our clients next-level rates, support, flexibility, and performance unlike any other mining company in the industry.