Brokkr, Inc. is a cryptocurrency mining company based in the state of Georgia. We are a team of dedicated professionals and entrepreneurs passionate about helping our clients grow their wealth and expand their portfolios by investing in the rapidly growing world of digital currencies.

At Brokkr, Inc. we use only the absolute latest and greatest equipment and software in order to guarantee the best return on investment for our clients. Given the flexibility that we offer our customers, each rig is customized and finely tuned in order to produce the highest hash rate possible for whichever digital currency (or currencies) our customers wish to mine.

Unlike other mining companies, we do not sell hash power. We offer our clients the ability to purchase their own mining rig, or rent one of ours. Either way, the rig will be especially dedicated to the customer rather than its hash power being collectively shared amongst a group. This ensures that each customer receives the quickest and highest possible returns on their investment.

Brokkr is the premier cryptocurrency mining company in the state of Georgia.

We offer our clients next-level rates, support, flexibility, and performance unlike any other mining company in the industry.